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His Curvy Librarian

His Curvy Librarian

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A box-set full of heat, heart, and literary innuendo.

His Curvy Librarian is a filthy-sweet series. It’s full of heat, heart, and literary innuendo. 

Main Tropes

  • Hottie Heroes!
  • Scorching Hot Scenes!
  • Forever Kinda Love!


A box-set full of heat, heart, and literary innuendo.

His Curvy Librarian is a filthy-sweet series. It’s full of heat, heart, and literary innuendo. 

What’s sexier than a man who loves to read?

How about a naked man who loves to read?


Intro Into Chapter One

“Look who’s coming, Cassidy,” my sister, Nora, teases over my shoulder. “It’s your boyfriend.”

I don’t even have to glance up from the snack table I’m arranging to know who she’s referring to. I’ve been the community outreach librarian at Golden Creek Library for three months now and it didn’t take long to gain an admirer or two at my monthly senior book clubs.

“Charles is not interested in me,” I laugh. “He keeps trying to hook me up with his grandson.”

I look toward the door to the community room, where the silver-haired widower is making his way in. He’s in a sharp suit as always—ever the best-dressed senior in the group—and he smiles and waves at me, but stops to chat with a few other book clubbers near the door. 

Still out of earshot, thankfully, because Nora and our friend, Brooklyn, aren’t done teasing me yet.

“You should go for it, Cass,” Nora says. “I hear he’s hot.”

“He totally is,” Brooklyn chimes in. “I saw him once, dropping off Charles for the book club. Smokin’ hot.”

“Yeah, has Charles tried to hook you up too?” I ask. Charles’ persistence is sweet and all—and definitely an ego boost—but I can’t help picturing him working his way through every pretty young librarian in the building.

Nora is the children’s librarian and anyone can see from a mile away how passionate she is about the kids that come here. Brooklyn runs the teen department and she’s the life of every party. And then there’s me… a middle child fresh out of grad school, trying to figure out what I want for myself.

Well, other than good books, great friends, and a little sugar.

I finish arranging the little Victorian seed cakes that I baked last night to pair with our book club selection, Jane Eyre, while Brooklyn adamantly denies that Charles has been making the rounds.

“Face it, sis, he only has eyes for you… for his grandson,” Nora smirks.

I check the time—five til—then shoo the two of them away with a grin. “Get back to your departments and keep your nose out of mine. Thanks for helping me set up.”

They head out of the community room, and I call the book club to order. There are ten people today—most of them regulars—and this has fast become one of my favorite parts of the job. Not only do I get paid to nerd out over wonderful books, but my book club members tend to spoil me a bit.

“Hello, Cookie,” Charles says as he approaches the snack table. He’s called me Cookie ever since our first book club meeting, when we read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and I baked tea biscuits. “You’re looking lovely as usual. What delicious treats do you have for us today?”

I describe the rich ingredients that went into the seed cakes—creamy butter, aromatic caraway seeds, and just a dash of brandy—and while I’m talking, everyone helps themselves.

“Oh, these are marvelous,” one of my other regulars, Evelyn, says. She’s got pure white hair that she always pulls back in a neat bun, and I’ve noticed that she tends to take whatever seat is closest to Charles.

“Should we get started?” I ask once everybody’s loaded up with sweets and the coffee that Nora brewed for the group.

“’I have for the first time found what I can truly love—I have found you,’” Evelyn says, zeroing in on one of my favorite quotes from the book. And I have to hide a smile behind my hand when I notice that she’s quoting it directly to Charles.

Perhaps he’s not the only one with ulterior motives when it comes to book club?

When it’s all over, a little more than an hour later, we decide on The Secret Life of Bees—and honey cocoa truffles—for next month, and most of the seniors head for the door. Charles hangs back as always, offering to help me clean up, but I know what he’s really doing.

I smile, my hands on my hips, and say, “Let’s hear it, Charles. What’s your pitch this month?”

He grins back at me. “No pitch, Cookie… I was just hoping you’d given some more thought to going out with my grandson.”

“And I’m sure he’s just thrilled you’re peddling him around the library,” I tease. I can’t help being flattered at how persistent he is, but I’ve never been a fan of getting set up or the whole blind date idea. That’s the sort of thing that only works out in romance novels.

“Well, to be honest, he’s just as stubborn as you,” Charles says. “That’s one of the reasons I think you’d be perfect for each other. Plus, he loves books just as much as you do.”

Okay… that’s one point in the mystery man’s favor.

“What have you got to lose?” Charles asks. “You’re single, right?”

And I like it that way, I think. After six years of non-stop school and studying, I’m in no hurry to settle down, and the last thing I want is to go on a potentially awful date that could end up making things at my new job awkward.


Nora and Brooklyn were all for it, and if I just say yes, maybe Charles can stop worrying about me and his grandson and start noticing the pretty older woman in his book club.

“Yes, I’m single,” I concede.

“My grandson has a good heart and a decent job, and he can talk about books all night long,” Charles says. “I just know you’d hit it off.”

But what’s wrong with him? I wonder, if he’s so wonderful and yet his dating life is restricted to getting hooked up with the local librarian he’s never even met.

“Okay,” I say, making a snap decision before I can talk myself out of it. I’ve got nothing to do this weekend but work, and I told myself after graduation that I wanted to be more adventurous, to figure out what I truly want in life. Well, this was adventurous, all right.

“Really?” Charles seems taken aback, like he never really expected to win this argument. Then a broad smile takes over his face and he claps his hands. “Excellent. I’ll let Chuck know.”

Oh boy, what have I done?

Nora and Brooklyn will to have a field day when they find out. But it’s done—I’m doing it.

“Tell him he can pick me up at my place after my shift on Friday,” I say, “if he’s game.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure he is, Cookie,” Charles says. I write down my address, then he takes another seed cake and saunters out, pleased as hell with himself.

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